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If you’re one of the lucky cat lovers out there considering bringing a new cat into your home, please consider adopting. No matter what location, local shelters and rescues are always hoping a responsible cat owner will walk through the door.

Here are five such cats who are looking for loving new homes courtesy of cat adoption site, CatSeeker.com.

1. Meet Billy

A 10 year old ginger short-haired cat, Billy is looking for a home to call his own and enjoy through his retirement in quiet surroundings. Although an older boy, he is as lively as cats half his age. This handsome boy just wants a home where he will be loved.

Find out more online @ http://www.catadoption.co.uk/billy-8/

2. Meet Lily

A 15 month old black and white short-haired cat, Lily thought she had found a new home to call her own but sadly after not getting along with the other cat in the home, was returned into rescue. Poor girl. With this in mind, and to give her some stability, we would like to rehome her as the only cat in the home – although she is currently in foster care living with a large dog at the moment without problems. She is a friendly girl and will make a lovely companion.

Find out more online @ http://www.catadoption.co.uk/lily-6/

3. Meet Simba

A 7 year old long-haired ginger boy, Simba is a lovely, very affectionate boy who likes a nuzzle and responds to touch, yet can be aloof when he fancies. Simba has been with his rescue for a while, which is a puzzle because he’s so handsome and affectionate. He needs a home to at last settle in a place to call his own where he can be cherished.

Find out more online @ http://www.catadoption.co.uk/simba-2/

4. Meet Monty

A 5 year old domestic short-haired tabby, Monty is a regal gent who is missing a home to call his own. He is a lovely boy who is very friendly to all he meets. He is responsive and lively, although we feel he would probably prefer an adult only home where he is the only cat.

Find out more online @ http://www.catadoption.co.uk/monty-4/

5. Meet Cleo

This six month old domestic short-haired black and white girl found herself in rescue after being abandoned. Cleo is an affectionate girl who gets on well with cats, dogs and children.

Find out more online @ http://www.catadoption.co.uk/cleo-7/


If you’ve recently adopted a cat, please share your story and any tips for new cat owners here – we’d love to hear from you!


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