New Cat Food Launches for Active Cats

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Butcher’s Pet Care has been creating mouth-watering meals for cats across the nation for more than 10 years, and is excited to announce two new additions.

Butcher’s Really Fishy and Really Meaty have been specially developed to contain all the vitamins and minerals your cat needs, including salmon oil to keep its joints healthy and added pro-biotic to help boost immunity. It’s also full of meaty flavour which any discerning feline desires.

It’s nutritionally balanced and complete, so cats who love a natural cat food diet won’t need anything else adding to their bowl alongside Really Fishy or Really Meaty.

With 6 different flavours including both meat and fish options such as Tasty Salmon and Juicy Lamb, Butcher’s Really Fishy and Really Meaty cat food offers the variety your cat deserves with a desirable taste they will truly enjoy, and will keep them coming back for more time and time again.

Butchers Really Meaty and Really Fishy pack shots (web)

Clare Scallon from Butcher’s Pet Care said: “Cats know what they like and every owner naturally wants to please their pet, and see an empty bowl after every mealtime. A meat diet is really important to a cat – you only have to look at the razor sharp teeth and their hunting prowess to know that they are ultimately carnivores. We’re confident that our new Really Fishy and Really Meaty flavours will please the palate of your cat, whilst at the same time they are packed with natural goodness to meet the needs of an active cat.”

As well as offering great tasting meal with health benefits, the new range is cereal, gluten and soya free. What’s more there are no artificial preservatives or colourings.  This means your cat will get everything it needs in one bowl to keep them active, healthy and ready for any adventure whether it be in the back garden or further afield.

Butcher’s Really Fishy and Really Meaty are available in Asda and Morrisons stores in 6 x 400g canned multi packs and can be picked up in Morrisons stores for only £3.00 between 7th July-31st August!


Introducing NEW Butcher's Really Meaty

NEW Butcher’s Really Meaty is a complete, nutritionally balanced natural cat food packed with all the taste and natural goodness of meat to keep your cat active, healthy and happy.

Containing 25 essential nutrients a cat needs to stay active, they are packed full of meaty or fishy flavours which all cats love. Butcher’s Really Meaty also includes salmon oil to keep joints healthy, is probiotic to help boost immunity and is cereal and soya free – so is easily digested.

Visit the Butcher’s Pet Care website and discover more about the Butcher’s Really Meaty & Really Fishy ranges cat –



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