Meet Millie – The Incredible Rock Climbing Cat!

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Now, it doesn’t get any more active than rock climbing does it – so we’re here to gush about a fantastic cat named Millie who’s owner has been documenting their rock climbing adventures on Instagram.

Here’s a few photographs courtesy of their Instagram account to give you an insight into the life of this adventurous cat.

Millie - rock climing cat - 1

Her owner says: “Millie’s first attempt to summit Stansbury Mountain under her own power.”

Millie - rock climing cat - 2

Her owner says: Millie’s first attempt at a winter summit of Mt. Stansbury under her own power.”

Millie - rock climing cat - 3

Her owner says: Scoping new lines, Ferguson Canyon.”

Millie - rock climing cat - 4

Millie’s owner says:Millie’s first slot canyon. Little Wild Horse.”

Millie - rock climing cat - 5

Millie’s owner says: Summer snow patch, Olympus approach.”

Millie - rock climbing cat - 6

Her owner says: Millie finds her favorite line at Ferguson.”

Keep up to date with their adventures on Instagram @pechanga


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Greta says:

lovely looking strong cat long may she climb

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