Instagram’s Best Cats (you don’t want to miss number 5!)

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As cat lovers we’re no doubt always snapping away trying to build up our image banks full of memories of the fun moments in our pets lives. With Instagram, we can now share much more bringing the wonders of our pets to thousands, if not millions online.

Here we’ve discovered 8 of what we think are the best cats on Instagram.

1. Meet Cricket!

Photo by

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2. Meet Bug!

Photo by sanddrawandsambug

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3. Meet Sashi!

Photo by sashimimeow

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4. Meet Dharma and Greg!

Photo by dharma_and_greg

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5. Meet Winter!

Photo by winter_kittykat

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6. Meet Max!

Photo by themaxsociety

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6. Meet Peeta!

Photo by catsofinstagram

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8. Meet Strawberry!

Photo by sus_w

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We hope you enjoyed our countdown – please do let us know if your cat is on Instagram and share some of your photographs with us for our next feature.


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lisa cargill says:

Lovely selection. Made me smile.

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