What Human Foods Are Safe for Cats?

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Sharing food and treats is a lovely way of nurturing your relationship with your cat, especially if you’re celebrating a special day such as a birthday or Christmas. Not all cats enjoy human food, but some will cheerfully eat what you’re eating, and their tastes may surprise you. Cats have been known to nibble on melon and cantaloupe, sweetcorn and peas, and even broccoli.

Some of our favorite foods can be harmful to cats. They are very sensitive to garlic and onion particularly if they are powdered, as they are more potent in this form. These common ingredients are associated with destruction of red blood cells and severe anemia. Chocolate is also potentially harmful to cats and results in vomiting and seizures. Even if a particular food isn’t toxic, it could still cause an upset stomach with vomiting and diarrhea.

Those who prefer to eat a vegan or vegetarian diet might think that their furry friend could share that lifestyle choice. This isn’t a good idea. It’s not easy to create a vegetarian food for cats that tastes good and is nutritionally balanced. Cats are carnivores and there are some nutrients that are best obtained from meat protein.

So, what’s the best way to feed your cat? It’s simple.

Choose a good quality, nutritionally balanced cat food such as Butcher’s Really and make that the basis of your cat’s diet. This contains everything your cat needs to stay healthy in one meal. Give him an amount that keeps him in good condition to help him maintain a happy, active outdoors lifestyle. By feeding him in this way, you’re giving him the best chance of living a long healthy life.


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