Famous Cats on Twitter

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Twitter has the ability to break news and offers us an insight in 140 characters or less into our most coveted celebrities.

It also has the chance to introduce us to some of the coolest cats around – we’re talking those on four legs.

Here are some of Twitter’s most famous cats.

1. Choupette

Owned by Chanel fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, Choupette’s Twitter account shows the glamourous lifestyle this girl leads.

What we’ve learnt – she doesn’t like to eat from the floor, she’s firmly against tube tops making a come back (we’re assuming both human and feline alike) and of course, she travels in style.

Photo by choupettesdiary
mage: Instagram/choupettesdiary

Follow Choupette on Twitter @choupettesdiary

2. Ollie

Owned by actor, writer, award winning comedian and all-round animal loving Ricky Gervais, Ollie is as known on Ricky’s own Twitter account as she is becoming on her own.

What we’ve learnt – Ollie likes doing what Ollie likes doing. And who can blame her.

Here’s a typical day in the life of Ollie as filmed by Ricky:

Follow Ollie on Twiiter @ollie_gervais

3. Sockington

Owned by Jason Scott, an internet historian, Sockington has over 1.3m followers on Twitter and his own Wikipedia page.

What we’ve learnt – Socks likes to stalk, eat, sleep and is just brilliant fun to follow with each post written in Socks’ own style.

Image: Twitter/sockington

Follow Socks on Twitter @sockington

4. Simon’s Cat

Okay, so not so much ‘real’, Simon’s Cat is however a legend in his own right with a series of books and funny videos in his locker.

Simons Cat

Follow Simon’s Cat on Twitter @simonscat

5. Purrfect

Owned by musician CeeLo Green, Purrfect tweets about life as a showbiz cat – I mean how many other cats get to swivel around in the famous chairs on set of ‘The Voice USA’ shown here? Exactly.

What we’ve learnt – Purrfect has a ‘Crazy’ life, but we love to follow ‘Anyway’. Get it? 🙂

Image: Twitter/PurrfectTheCat

Follow Purrfect on Twitter @PurrfectTheCat

6. Meredith

Owned by songstress Taylor Swift and named after Grey’s Anatomy’s Meredith Grey, we’re already in love in one line with this kitty.

What we’ve learnt – she’s relaxed when backstage, she travels in style and has a sense of humour about grooming (see her haircut photograph!).

Image: Twitter/MeredithKitty

Follow Meredith on Twitter @MeredithKitty

Who do you follow?

Let us know of your own favourite famous cats  – we’d love to hear from you!


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Sheila Mansley says:

I follow ‘My Sad Cat’ who is The Bear and a lovely cat and it is also very funny. Very cute too is the ‘Itty Bitty Kitty Committee’ who raise money for abandoned cats.

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