A Cat’s Review: The Cat’s Meow – A Fun, Revolving Cat Toy

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Coming up to Christmas, we decided to take a look at some of the most fun toys available to cats and their owners. One we found we simply loved and felt Buster our resident ActiveCats.co.uk team member would love was the motorised revolving cats toy, the Cat’s Meow.


Buster is a discerning sort of a girl, as you can see above, who loves a box. She likes to scratch and rub up against things, she’s happy throwing soft balls and fish around she can get her claws into, but not many toys catch her attention – that is until now.

The motion of the Cat’s Meow certainly caught her attention. Once we received from the great team at JML Direct we rushed out to get the batteries needed eager to see how she would enjoy her new toy and boy did she!

Easy to set up, you essentially need three x C batteries and you maneuver the durable canvas over the middle section so it stays on and covers the below part before you slot the mouse into place. Switch on at the top and away you go!

Cats Meow Fun, Revolving Cat Toy (motorised) 1

Buster sat watching for a few moments before she started trying to catch the mouse. It captivated her! We switched it off after 10 minutes to keep her fascinated for each use after and it’s been a fantastic fun toy keeping us all entertained, her trying to catch the mouse and us watching the concentration on her face!

Well done to the Cat’s Meow (£14.99) – a big paws up from Buster! Find out more here.


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