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Well, this video might give you an insight into the world of the cat at night.



Meet the Bro Cats, these cats just love to ‘hi-five’!

Have you ever wondered how loud your cat’s purr was in comparison to others? Meet Merlin, a rescue cat from the UK who has recently been crowned the new Guinness world record holder for loudest purr by a domestic cat with his purr reaching 67.8 decibels. The record was previously held by Smokey, another British cat, who held the record reaching 67.68 decibels.

Speaking with the Guinness world records team, Merlin’s owner Tracy Westwood said a local TV station recorded her cat purring at 100 decibels, which is about as loud as the rumble of a passing motorcycle.

She continued, “if he’s cleaning he gets louder, and sometimes if the telephone rings I do get people asking me what’s that noise in the background, I tell them it’s the cat, but I don’t know if they believe me.”

Meet Yat Jai, a cat who loves to play football so much he’ll practice his goalkeeping skills just about anywhere!


We’ve all had that super hungry feeling when you can’t wait to get to your dinner, but if you were faced with a major road block just what would you do to get through it? This cat knows.

Coming up to Christmas, we decided to take a look at some of the most fun toys available to cats and their owners. One we found we simply loved and felt Buster our resident team member would love was the motorised revolving cats toy, the Cat’s Meow.

Buster is a discerning sort of a girl, as you can see above, who loves a box. She likes to scratch and rub up against things, she’s happy throwing soft balls and fish around she can get her claws into, but not many toys catch her attention – that is until now.

The motion of the Cat’s Meow certainly caught her attention. Once we received from the great team at JML Direct we rushed out to get the batteries needed eager to see how she would enjoy her new toy and boy did she!

Easy to set up, you essentially need three x C batteries and you maneuver the durable canvas over the middle section so it stays on and covers the below part before you slot the mouse into place. Switch on at the top and away you go!

Buster sat watching for a few moments before she started trying to catch the mouse. It captivated her! We switched it off after 10 minutes to keep her fascinated for each use after and it’s been a fantastic fun toy keeping us all entertained, her trying to catch the mouse and us watching the concentration on her face!

Well done to the Cat’s Meow (£14.99) – a big paws up from Buster! Find out more here.

Watch this clever kitty plan his Christmas tree activities around his owners daily routine!

Our pets play a huge part in our festive plans, from where we go (and if visiting friends how long we’re away from), but how much does your cat enjoy ‘helping’ you get ready for Christmas? These two cats, Cole and Marmalade, certainly love to get involved!

As a nation of cat lovers its claimed the average cat owner takes more than 480 photos and selfies each year to capture special moments and the bond which exists between a cat and their owner.

Sharing these special memories can bring great joy as well and with the launch of a new competition searching for ‘Britain’s best cat selfie’, what better way to share!

Launched by pet food firm Butcher’s Pet Care the competition is calling on cat owners to share snaps of themselves and their cat for the chance to win a year’s supply of Butcher’s Really Meaty and Butcher’s Really Fishy cat food. Butcher’s will run a series of ‘Snap Your Cat Selfie & Win’ competitions.

Share your photographs before 31st December to be in with a chance of winning the first round, before the second round begins in January.

These cat lovers have already entered the competition. Who is your favourite?

Meet Eleanor, Buster and Scrat…

Meet Pauline and Lily…

Meet Dominique and Jumhinette…

Meet Noémie and Poukie…

And finally, meet Superman and Disco…

Julie Callet, Assistant Brand Manager at Butcher’s, comments: “Cats hold a very special place in people’s hearts and they often share very special moments. We want owners to show the amazing bond between them and their pet. The owner of the best photo will be rewarded with a year’s supply of our delicious Butcher’s Really Meaty and Really Fishy recipes, which their cat will love!”

Enter online at or find out more on Facebook and share your special moments and memories!

A lot if you’re a cat, apparently.

Kittens are normally able to make a game out of anything, but even with that in mind – we still bet this cat has way more fun than you would with a piece of ribbon.

What’s the most fun your cat has with something similar? We’d love to hear your cat tales 🙂

How often do you start vacuuming and your cat runs off? That’s the normal reaction, right? Not for Bobo.